Maintaining a home is a lot of work – a huge and very visible part is the exterior. Keeping the outside of your home looking fresh and staying in good condition is just as important as maintaining the interiors like plumbing and electrical.

From keeping the shrubbery in check, to keeping the exterior panelling and siding in shape there’s a list of things to complete. Your home exterior paint is an important part and you might be wondering when is the time for a fresh coat.


Signs You Need to Repaint the Exterior

Your house can tell you in quite a few ways that it needs a new paint job. All you have to do is look and the signs will stand out.

Paint Looks Faded or Washed Out

When the color of your house goes from vibrant yellow to pastel yellow, then it’s time for a fresh layer of paint. Fading is a sign that the paint is getting worn off from the elements, and is not as thick as it was ten years ago when it was first painted.

Bubbling and Cracked Paint

When you see bubbles and cracks in the paint and it easily peels off, it is definitely time to repaint. Bubbles of air beneath the paint is where moisture has built up and pushes the paint away, causing moisture damage. This can lead to wood rot underneath other areas when exposed to prolonged moisture like in winter or the rainy months of spring.

Cracked paint also exposes the wood beneath the paint to rot and moisture damage. Plus, it doesn’t look so great.


Mold Build-up in Shaded Areas

If you notice a lot of mold in areas that don’t receive as much sunlight as others, then that’s a sign that the paint is no longer protecting the walls from moisture as well. Your exterior wall will need to be cleaned and repainted. Mold will require much more costly repairs to the walls if you just leave it.


After Exterior Wall Repairs

If you had a repair to the siding or removal of an unwanted window, you’ll need to paint the new external materials to match the rest of your home to make it look great again. You can match the color of your home or pick a new color entirely and repaint the whole house.


Curb Appeal Updates for Selling

If you’re trying to sell your home, a great way to attract attention is by repainting the exterior to a color that is either trending, or more aesthetically appealing over the current color. Soft neutral colors are a great choice. Or if you’re feeling bold, a softer variation of a more vibrant color.


Just Moved In!

If you just bought the home brand new, or even if it’s an older home, repainting is a great way to customize your new home and settle in better. Many times, newly built homes have a thin layer of paint, which will fade more quickly and need repainting in a few years anyways.

Adding a new layer of paint in your selected color will personalize your home to your liking. It will also add an additional layer of UV and moisture protection for your home.



Overall, adding a new layer or two of paint will increase the level of protection against UV, moisture and insect pests. It will help protect the exterior walls for a bit longer, and save you money in the long run by helping to prevent damages and costly repairs in the future.

Paint helps seal up the exterior wood panels that keep the installation in your walls dry and pest free. Keep a look out for the signs of when it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Other times, it just might be time for a fresh coat simply for the purpose of updating your home or to personalize a new home to your liking.